Obama signs bill that protects makers of genetically engineered crops from federal courts.

The Monsanto Protection act would allow the Agriculture department to overule the court when there is insignifcant enrionmental evidence of any defects.

- and this has made everyone go crazy!

BUT why?!

What is so bad about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) on our shelves? Nothing.

When was the last time any of you ate a strawberry the size of a penny?! cant remember? that is because they are so rare! - is that because they are the genetically altered ones? -No. they are the natural ones and the larger ones the size of a plum are the genetically altered ones, yet you dont see anyone complain about those!

"but ThatScienceGuy! I dont want to eat that weird looking white carrot! its probably gross and not safe to eat!" Well, that is the original! the Natural! - It is the orange carrot that was genetically altered (though this time through less technological methods) by the dutch hundreds of years ago!

 And what about that yellow rice? That is golden rice, it has been around for quite a while and it could solve MANY problems for third world countries! so why hasnt it? Because of all the 1st world’s concerns about health - even though Golden rice is much healthier (with a high Vitamin A content) than regular rice, which could be immensly useful in thirdworld countries which have access to a lot of regular (low-nutrition) rice.

So what are the actual Cons of Genetically Modified Crops?

1.They cause harm to some insect larvae

  • This is largely the point, as some of them are modified to be able to create their own pesticides.
  • Other, chemical, Pesticides which are already widely used cause even more damage

2.They have the ‘potential’ to contain Allergens and Toxins

  • OFCOURSE they can! ALL food has the potential to carry allergens and toxins! but Genetically Modified crops have a smaller chance of it!

3.People are worried about losing diversification in agriculture, how if we keep using GMO’s they will eventually replace natural crops alltogether and we will be stuck with them for ever.

  • Considering GMO’s are better, why would this be a bad thing?
  • And even if it did happen, and it were a bad thing, we have stores of seeds specifically designed to be ready for disaster!

And what are the Pro’s?

  1. They can help to reduce farmers costs and increase yeild (reducing need for expensive chemical pestacides, increasing growth rate etc.)
  2. Reduce Pollution by reducing the need for herbicides.
  3. Changing the condition of growth. i.e. making it drought resistant etc. (which would allow for previously ‘infertile’ lane to be used.)
  4. Can Vastly improve the nutrition of crops like rice.

So why havn’t we already implemented large scale use of GMO’s? Because the average, uneducated consumer gets fooled by the media into thinking everything that is not natural is bad for you! but in no way is that true. far from it actually, if you consider the amount of food types that are dangerous to us. Potatoes, for example, contain arsenic which is lethal!

But then again, this is just my (educated) view point, I would like to know where you stand, so send me a message explaining why you think what you think about GMO’s

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